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Returning The Favor (part: the end)

Returning Favor

CeritaSakti.com - Jun accept a wish from Sine to be his wife and stay forever with him...

Since that day, Sine be Jun wife and start to do anythings house work with full heart every day. Sine wish if she can do anything more for her husband, she going to make special woven fabric for him.

Then some day after, Sine ask to her husband to buy some yarn, because she want to weave. She start to do it after her husband bring it.

Sine instruct to Jun "Don't open this certain also never see me, when i am weaving". In three days she keep weaving without eat or drink.

Finally Sine finished and she coming out from the room. Woven fabric she made is totally done, then she give it to her husband.

"This fabric i made special for you, please keep this.." said Sine. "Wow..this really beautiful..thank you my wife..", said Jun.

But, Jun thinking about something else, "I wonder if we can sell this fabric to buy food, i am sure it's going to be sold with high price..". Sine know if at home there is no more food to eat, so she ask her husband to go to city for sell that fabric.

In the city, Jun going to sell the fabric to one bigger shop. The owner of the bigger shop really like with the woven fabric that Jun wife maked. Jun really happy because his fabric sold with high price.

Before he's going back home, Jun buy view things that needed in the house, like oat, rice, fruits, vegetables, egg, milk, bread etc. Then he way back soon.

When he arrived at home he said to his wife, "Because of you, I got a lot of money, thank you my wife..but, actually the owner of the bigger shop wants more fabric like you maked, can you make more please?", ask Jun to her wife. "Alright, my husband I will make it for you" Sine answered.

The fabric's finish in day four'th after she start doing it. Sine looked very badly, she's more skinnier than before and she told her husband to not accept again any request for making fabric anymore.

At the city, after he sold the fabric to the bigger shop he meet a King and ask him to make another one, special fabric for her princess. And if he not making it he got punishment from King.

Jun going back home soon and he tell about what happened in the city and meet King today to her wife. "Alright, for the last ones I will make it for you, but..promise me it's going to be the last" tell Sine.

Jun still feel worried to her wife, cause everytime she finish weaving she looked more and more skinnier and weak. So, he deside to peep his wife when she weaving in the room.

And what happened next is..Uups!! Jun so surprise when he got inside the room where the place for weaving, evidently white stork picking out her feather for weaven to make a fabric. Until the stork body seem bald because lost all feather.

The white stork feel someone watching and soon the stork turn to Sine. "Uuh..my husband, finally you see me, It's time for you to know the truth, actually I am a white stork in the last time you help me from a trap at the bushes.

I want Returning The Favor to you, so i changed my self to be human and do all of this" said Sine. "But, I am sad cause you not listen to me..and this means it's time for me to go and leave you here", said Sine again.

Sine change again in to a white stork and she start to flapping wings then fly to the sky. She ignore Jun whice cry and keep calling wife to comeback, he is very sorry for the silly action that he's done. Now Jun lived alone and beautiful Sine..shes gone..

The end