Senin, 22 April 2019

Returning The Favor ( part 1 ) - Long time ago in far away land, lived young man name Jun in small house near the forest. Day by day he is looking for dry wood up to mountain close behind the forest then sell them to market in the city.

He used the money from selling the dry wood to buy some food. Every day he keep do the same to support his life.

Returning the Favor

One day when he is on way home from the city and buy some food for his dinner, he saw something is flounder at the ground. With quiet he stay closer to this thing… slowly he open bushes on the ground and he saw White stork, stuck among that.

“Poor stork…I will help you out from this bushes .. don’t be scared.. “said Jun. View minute after white stork is free from the trap. The stork looked very happy after she is out. She dancing and moving around in front of Jun and she jump on top of his head before she fly up to the sky.

The weather feel so cold that day, after he saw the stork fly he continue walk to home. When he is arrived soon he start to turn on the furnace and prepared for dinner, he super hungry.

Before he starting to eat.. he hear someone knocking the door, “knock…knock…!! Jun going to open the door and he saw there is girl outside the house look freezing. “ Come in, must be so cold outside… and please warm your self beside the fire furnace”..said Jun to that girl. 

Then the girl went inside the house.“Who are you…and where do you want to go in this cold weather alone?” ask Jun. “My name is  Sine, I am going to my family house closed from here.. But wind blow so hard and so cold I am lost then I found your house..” said the girl. “ O …I see…I am Jun and I  stay here..” tell Jun.

“Thank you for let me in and may I ask for something please… May I stay here for to night please…” ask Sine. “Of course Sine, you can stay here as long as you want but I have nothing to give you for eat and I don’t have place for you to sleep..”said Jun. “No worries for that I can help you with all you need.. just let me stay here.. “ask Sine. 

And Jun feel happy because there is some one stay with him and he not feel lonely today. Sine start to prepared dinner for both of them and make a bed clean. They have rest soon after they have diner.

In the morning when Jun woke up from he is sleep he got surprise. Delicious food, rice include warm tea is ready on the table. 

He realize if Sine will be going soon after we have breakfast, he will be lonely again. “Please stay for more days, I will be happy to let you stay at my tiny house..” ask Jun. Then Sine say something make Jun feel more happy “Please ask me to be your wife so I will stay here with you everyday” Jun accept it.

What happen with Jun life next??… the story will be continue ...