Kamis, 11 April 2019


CeritaSakti.com - Sewidakloro is a girl who live in the village with loving mother. She has ugly face and her eyes crossed, her lips is ticked, and she only has a few hairs on her head. But, her mother very love her.

Every night, before she sleep her mother always sing a beautyfull song for her. The song is telling about beautyfull princess Sewidakloro, with tick and nice hair, sweet and red lips, and also have very beautyfull eyes. 

Sewidakloro always fell happy when she listen her mother singing. Then she went to sleep in deep and have nice dream. 
In other side the people in the village always judge Sewidakloro. No one and no other children who want to talk and play with her. They always judge her, they said her face is like ghost.

Princess sewidakloro

Sewidakloro very sad when she hear about all the people in the village talk bad thing about her. Only her mother who can make her happier. Her mother always said, "my beautyfull daughter, one day you will become prince wife and will stay in huge castle". Sewidakloro smile and seem very happy. "is that right, mother?" ask Sewidakloro. Her mother reply her with smiled.

One day king from the castle is looking for a girl who will be married with the prince. Sewidakloro mother hear about that news and she is very sure if her daughter will be choosen by the prince. The people in the village keep laughting at her. 

They tell to the king about Sewidakloro and her mother. The king is so curious and ask the army to fetch Sewidakloro and her mother. King said "if Sewidakloro is really beautyfull like her mother said she will be married with my son. But, if dont they both will be punishment".

By then Sewidakloro and her mother fetch by carriage with cover." The people in the village very sure if they will punish by the king. 

Sewidakloro mother smile with happy, all the way long she keep praying. The fairys fell touched with Sewidakloro mother praying. So they coming down and with their magic, they change Sewidakloro to be a princess like her mother wishes. 

Finally, Sewidakloro and her mother arrived in the castle. King will be open the carrige by his own to see prospective daughter in law.

He is very amazed when he saw Sewidakloro. Evidently, she is really beautyfull just like her mother said. The king and the queen is very happy. The prince and Sewidakloro getting married. Sewidakloro and her mother very grateful. Their faith and pray is come true.