Jumat, 19 April 2019


CeritaSakti.com - Princess Lila like to cook, She keep follow a cook's competition and always be the winner. The food that she cook's always have to be serve guest at the castle.

Everyone the guest in the castle it's very like with a taste and flavour about anythings that she cooked. they said "It's so delicious..yummyy..". The masterchef at the kitchen castle also gived praise for Lila special food. All people in the castle admit her greatness about cooking.

One days princess heard news close from the castle there is a green village lived old lady, shes a special soup maker, anything thats she made always delicious. The people in the village who ever eat her soup said, "The soup is super delicious, we will never forget about the taste". that soup always makes people who eated feel happy.

Lila princess so courious, she want to know the recipes for that special soup, she decide go to the green village. she is disguised to be a poor girl wearing dirty dress who looking for a job.

She walk out from the castle go to special soup maker house, after she found the old lady house she knock the door, knock...knock..!, A few moments later an old lady appeared from behind the door, "Hi aunt.. i am looking for a job and need place to stay, can i do some work for you please..".

From behind the door lady said "but I am poor I can't pay you salary". "If you don't mind please pay me with food" ask Lila. So since that day Lila start  working with her.

Everyday princess Lila keep watching her cooking and it's been a week, but she couldn't found the secret about the soup. Princess Lila talk to her self "she used regular ingredient and her pot that she use for cooking also been old but how possible she cook delicious soup?..."

Because of her curious, she try to ask about the secret of special soup to lady. The old lady smile "I don't have any special recipes for soup girl, its just regular soup".

But princess not believe in her "It's imposible with regular cook you can make so delicious soup like this" she said. "This is true I just make regular soup that cook with happy feeling, I cook for my children, my neighboard and I am happy when the enjoy my food" said the lady.

Lila and Special Soup

Princess Lila nodded her head now she understand why that soup is so special. Because inside there is love and cook with sincere heart and happy, not because want to be praised or to be win.

She is very gratefull about the special lesson that she got from old lady the special soup maker.